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Customized solutions for what you need.

Business security

Weiss Security offers a wide spectrum of business security system, products, and solutions to meet your company’s requirements. All of our business security solutions are designed for you specifically. We do not sell one size fits all systems that often leave gaps in coverage. We are a complete security service with over 35 years of service. Our systems are designed to grow with your demands, as your company matures.
All of our systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by a professional UL fire and burglar licensed central station.

Fire prevention

  • Installation: Weiss Security’s trained experts will professionally install your system.
  • Yearly Inspections: Weiss Security offers annual fire alarm inspections as per NFPA requirements.

Panic Alarm (silent or audible)

A Panic alarm is an instant alarm that goes to the central station that is not verified. The use of the panic alarm will automatically dispatch the emergency service selected without verification of password.

Holdup Alarm (silent)

Sends a silent panic to the police via the central station.

Video surveillance

  • CCTV
    • 4, 8, or 16 camera systems
    • DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
    • Remote monitoring: Gives you the ability to log on remotely to see live or recorded video of the area being monitored.
    • Ability to view over smartphone or computer (most major brands)

Access control

Limit access to areas based on requirements. We offer key fobs, key cards, proximity cards, keypads, and other ways to secure areas.


  • Opening and closings: Allows you to know when your system is being armed and disarmed. This has many benefits. It acts as a way of tracking who is entering and leaving the facility and when. It also makes each employee accountable.
  • Fire Sprinkler and Supervisor monitoring: As per NFPA requirements, we can monitor sprinkler alarms to see if they have been activated, or if your valve shutoff has been closed.
  • Cellular backup: If a thief cuts the phone, internet or telecommunication cables going to your dwelling, most systems will fail to notify the central station. Having a cell backup adds an extra level of security because it will still send a signal to the central station that an alarm has tripped. The central station can then respond accordingly.
  • Internet backup: Similar to cellular backup but over the internet. It adds a redundant path in case the phone line goes down, or a single path if you no longer have a home phone line.
  • Ability to view over smartphone or computer (most major brands).


  • Sold: We sell burglar, fire, and gun safes.
  • Installed (bolted to floor) – Prevent your safe from being carried out of your house to give the thieves time to open it. By bolting it to the floor, the safe cannot be easily removed.


We offer a wide range of locks for doors. Contact us for more details.