Security Tips

  • Your house is only as secure as you make it.  One common mistake is to leave large items in your back yard that a burglar can use to gain entry to your house.  For example, do not leave ladders under decks or on the side of a house.  A burglar can easily move it and come in a 2nd floor window.
  • Do not bypass zones in order to arm your system.  One common mistake is to bypass windows on a nice evening to sleep with your windows open.  This leaves yourself vulnerable to an intruder sneaking in.  Instead have an alarm system that can still protect that zone if you wish to have the window open.  One way is to use our alarmed screens that prevent entry to your house.   This way you can sleep with a window open and not worry about someone coming in the window.
  • Lock all windows at all times.
  • Use deadbolts on all entry doors.  A lot of false alarms are caused by regular locks blowing open.  This cannot happen with a deadbolt.
  • If you have motion detectors, you should not have balloons anywhere in your house.   Balloons can cause false alarms.
  • Lock and secure basement windows.
  • You should consider installing a cellular backup if you have an alarm.  It is a much more secure service than a traditional phone line or internet line.
  • Install pet-friendly motion detectors instead of regular ones.  You never know when you will get a pet.
  • Check your call back list for central station yearly.
  • Every time you do work to your phone lines, you should test your alarm before releasing the technician.  Phone companies are notorious for disconnecting the phone connection to panels.
  • Notify your alarm company before changing phone services.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Tips

  • Carbon Monoxide is odorless and colorless.  It is known as the silent killer because it will leave you unconscious to die.  Unfortunately many people do not recover once they become unconscious.  It is highly recommended that you have a monitored carbon monoxide (CO) detector.  This will allow your pets to be safe when you are away, as well as notifying you PRIOR to walking into a hazardous condition.  Traditional A/C outlet based models only beep.  If you cannot hear the alarm, it is useless.  With a monitored unit, you will get a phone call from our central station, and be made aware of the life threatening situation immediately.  This will save your loved ones, pets and you!  Please keep in mind that CO is invisible and odorless!!!  If you detector goes off, do not think it is a false alarm because you cannot see or smell it.  Our monitored CO system has already saved the lives of our customers.
  • Make sure that all CO and Smoke detectors are changed at their end of life requirements.  Most CO detectors have a 6 year life cycle.  Smoke detectors should be changed every 10 years.

Smoke Detector Tips

  • It is recommended to test your system regularly.  If you have work done in your house that is dust producing, make sure to have your smoke heads cleaned to allow good air movement.
  • Smoke detectors should not be placed in a kitchen area normally.  Instead use a heat detector to cut down on false alarms.
  • Heat detectors should be used in attics and garages to prevent false alarms due to extreme temperatures.