Home security

  • With Latchkey Supervision (also known as Child Supervisory): Suited for when children return home with no adult supervision.  Enabling this service gives peace of mind to parents and guardians that when the alarm is disarmed the system will automatically send you an email or text message to let you know that your loved one(s) arrived home safely.
    • Text message alerts when the child disarms/arms system
    • Email message alerts when the child disarms/arms system


An instant alarm that goes to the central station that is not verified.  The use of the panic alarm will automatically dispatch the emergency service selected without verification of password.

Fire prevention

Smoke detectors, heat detectors, and beam detectors check the air and temperature of the area to notify the owners of a possible threat.  All of these devices are monitored by central station for your security and to prevent false alarms.  Having a monitored fire prevention system may lower your homeowners insurance as well.


  • Cellular backup: If a thief cuts the phone, internet or telecommunication cables going to your dwelling, most systems will fail to notify the central station.  Having a cell backup adds an extra level of security because it will still send a signal to the central station that an alarm has activated.  The central station can then respond accordingly.
  • Personal emergency/Medical: Great for loved ones that are challenged in movement or that you are concerned about because they live alone.  This system requires the home owner (let’s assume elderly, for this example) to reset the system after a set period of time (configurable).  If they fail to do so, the central station will check in on them to make sure that they are ok.  It also has an immediate emergency feature to dispatch medical professionals in case they fall and cannot get up.
  • Internet backup: Similar to cellular backup but over the internet.  It adds a redundant path in case the phone line goes down, or a single path if you no longer have a home phone line.

What features are you looking for in an alarm?

  • Ability to control the alarm via Smartphone/internet (Most major brands)
  • Video surveillance
    • Nanny Cams: We install high end cameras to help protect your children and your possessions in case of an incident.  We do not sell low end cameras (they are notoriously grainy and provide poor quality pictures.
    • Security monitoring
      • Inside: Gives you the ability to look at and monitor activity in your home.
      • Outside (perimeter): Cameras to monitor your surrounding property or entrances.
    • Ability to view the DVR via Smartphone/internet (Most major brands)
  • Safes
    • Sold: We sell burglar, fire, and gun safes.
    • Installed (bolted to floor): Prevent your safe from being carried out of your house to give the thieves time to open it.  By bolting it to the floor, the safe cannot be easily removed.
  • Locks: We offer a wide range of locks for doors.  Contact us for more details.