A fire alarm system is a critical first line of defense, giving your family or co-workers time to escape a dangerous fire. Weiss Security believes you can never be too prepared. Our fire systems offer valuable life safety protection.

Detect smoke and
other hazards early on.

Protect your family, co-workers, property from fire.

Ensure a quick response.

Integrated technology
with burglary systems.

Fire alarm systems that are monitored provide quicker response times and decrease the damage as the result of fire. Integrating a fire system with carbon monoxide detectors provides increased protection from compounded threats, such as heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

A comprehensive, integrated system can also provide monitoring even during a power outage. Our customized fire alarm systems provide that additional peace of mind.

Our central station specialists are monitoring your location from our monitoring center 24/7. Should any alarm condition be sensed it will trigger a call from us to ensure that you are safe. In the event that you do not answer, Weiss Security will immediately call emergency responders.


With Weiss Security, creating a safe haven for your location has never been easier. When you are warned early enough about a fire, you can often escape before the fire spreads; that’s why smoke and fire detection are an important component of an overall security strategy.
Weiss Security’s fire alarm systems are designed to provide you with around-the-clock protection and safety.

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