Our fire notification systems offer valuable life safety protection.

Detect smoke and
other hazards early on.

Protect your family, co-workers, property from fire.

Ensure a quick response.

Integrated technology
with burglary systems.

For Homeowners

A fire alarm system is a critical first line of defense, giving your family time to escape a dangerous fire. 

Is your home prepared with a “Primary Fire” smoke detector in every bedroom, outside of every sleeping area, and 1 per level of the dwelling including the basement?

Weiss Security believes you can never be too prepared. To protect your home and loved ones, we can provide your residence a comprehensive smoke and gas detection System. We want you to have peace of mind that you will be notified as soon as possible of a hazardous condition.

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For Business Owners

Weiss Security provides businesses with comprehensive Fire Notification Systems. Know that your business is in good hands and your business protected.

Fire alarm systems that are monitored provide quicker response times and decrease the damage as a result of fire. Integrating a fire system with carbon monoxide detectors provides increased protection from compounded threats, such as heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

A comprehensive, integrated system can also provide monitoring even during a power outage. Our customized fire alarm systems provide that additional peace of mind.

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Weiss Security’s fire alarm systems are designed to provide you with around-the-clock protection and safety.

Our central station specialists are monitoring your location from our monitoring center 24/7. Should any alarm condition be sensed it will trigger a call from us to ensure that you are safe. In the event that you do not answer, Weiss Security will immediately call emergency responders.


With Weiss Security, creating a safe haven for your location has never been easier. When you are warned early enough about a fire, you can often escape before the fire spreads; that’s why smoke and fire detection are an important component of an overall security strategy.

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