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Our mobile app scales as you grow and has a large partner program to allow you to add additional modules as you see fit. Whether you are a customer with a single house, a customer with more than one location, or a commercial customer with a more complex system; our app allows you to manage each location all from a single dashboard and sign-in.

Honeywell’s Total Connect™ and Napco’s StarLink Connect™ services keep you in touch with your security systems both at home and on the go. You can access them via apps or the Internet websites.

Wondering if your child made it home after school while you’re at work? Receive an alert right to your smartphone. Forget to turn on the burglar alarm? No problem, you can set it remotely.

Using our smartphone service reduces the stress of handling false alarms and dealing with emergency response teams.

Single location view
Sign on and you will see your alarm status with any notifications.
If you are using our intergrated cameras, doorbells, or other modules, you will see them next.

Multiple location view:

Have multiple locations, no problem. Click the drop down and select the one you want to see.

Commercial/comprehensive view:

For our commercial clients, we know you could have a more comprehensive systems to monitor. We can handle multiple locations or partitions with ease.

Commercial camera view:

Add-on modules


Home Automation

Interior Camera protection

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