New Jersey Home Security Installation & Services

Your system will be customized to protect your home. Whether you choose a standard alarm system or a system with all the extras; our installation will leave you and your family feel safe and secure at any budget level.


Entryways  – Be alerted when a door, window, or other perimeter device is opened. The alarm system will audibly notify you of an opening and take the appropriate action. Want to sleep with our windows open? No problem, we can adapt your screens to be armed. Should they be cut or removed, the alarm will trip.

Glass break detection – Alerts you to the sound of glass breaking if an intruder attempts to bypass an entryway by shattering a glass window or door.

Motion coverage – Continuously scanning to alert you of movement if an intruder walks in the view. Pet immune models are used to prevent false alarms for animals up to 80 pounds where required.

Tamper resistantOur security products notify you if someone attempts to open or remove a sensor. This alerts you to a possible problem before it occurs.

Yard signs and door/window decals – Send the message that you are covered before anyone attempts to enter your location. 

Child Supervisory – With Latchkey Supervision –  Suited for when children return home with no adult supervision. Enabling this service gives peace of mind to parents and guardians that when the alarm is disarmed the system will automatically send you an email, text message, or app notification to let you know that your loved one(s) arrived home safely. 

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Video Surveillance

We install high-end cameras to help protect your children and possessions in case of an incident. We do not sell low end cameras (they are notoriously grainy and provide poor quality pictures).

Security monitoring

Inside: Gives you the ability to look at and monitor activity in your home.

Outside (perimeter): Cameras to monitor your surrounding property or entrances.


We sell burglar, fire and gun safes.

Installed (bolted to the structure) - Prevent your safe from being carried out of your dwelling allowing thieves extra time to open it. By bolting it to the structure, the safe cannot be easily removed.

Integrated Smart Technology

Through a single application, we can connect your doorbell, security, fire, video and more.

We can connect your doorbell, security, fire, video and more all through a single application to make access smooth, simple and fast to respond to.

Digital Control Panel

We can schedule your alarm to arm/disarm automatically. The ability to scale and grow with zone expansion. Track multiple users logging in and out. We can schedule your alarm to arm/disarm automatically on a schedule. The ability to scale and grow with zone expansion. Multiple users and passwords for traceability. The ability to track specific users logging in and out as well as times

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