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What level of monitoring is right for you?


  • 24/7 Monitoring – Have the required response personnel (burglar, fire, panic, EMS) dispatched fast to provide you peace of mind.   We offer multiple ways of accomplishing this.
  • Landline or Internet coverage – Sends signals to our central station over your telephone landlines or Internet connection. (Good)
  • Cellular Primary – Sends a signal to our central station with a cellular communicator. (Better)
  • Landline or Internet with Cellular backup – Provides two paths for your signals to be sent to our central station.  If one path fails, the signals are sent through the second path.  (Best)

Additional addon services

  • Smart home remote services – Arm, disarm, alert notifications, doorbells all from your mobile device.
  • Unregulated openings/closings – Tracks users every time the alarm is disarmed/armed. This allows you to find out if people are leaving and entering when they should.
  • Regulated openings/closings – Same as above but only allowed within a predetermined window of time. If the system fails to do one of these, you are notified.